Summer Seminar 2014

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Cultivating a Faithful Presence: The Richness of the Gospel
in the Life of the Academy

sponsored by The Rivendell Institute at Yale

Sunday, June 1 – Saturday June 14, 2014

Application deadline: March 15, 2014

Applicants will be notified by April 10, 2014

Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut

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The Rivendell Summer Seminar is a two week summer institute exploring the theme Cultivating a Faithful Presence: the Richness of the Gospel in the Life of the Academy. Hosted on the campus of YaleUniversity by the Rivendell Institute at Yale, a select group of graduate and advanced undergraduate students in the humanities and social sciences will gather for instruction, development and encouragement.

Critical issues to be explored include:

* The contours of faithfulness for a follower of Christ in an academic context
* The guiding convictions that should inform our engagement with the academy.
* The practices and values that constitute a fruitful presence in the university
* Scriptural models for integrating Christian faith and mission with the calling of
scholars and teachers.

 Participants in the Summer Seminar will:

* Interact with Yale scholars who model faithful presence
* Learn to diagnose obstacles and opportunities for faithful Christian witness in the
classroom and in your research
* Participate in a community of mission minded scholars from around the country

Our aim will be to lay a biblical, theological, and practical foundation to help you inhabit your calling faithfully with the mind and the mission of Christ.

The seminar is built around four modules:

Biblical Foundations –  Foundational for a faithful inhabiting of the academy is a compelling, Biblically- rooted vision. Through an examination of key passages we will cultivate the personal vision which flows from the rich fabric of Scriptural principle and apostolic example.

The Anatomy of Theology – One of the chief challenges to integrating faith with the calling of the scholar is a shallow understanding of the theological landscape. This module will develop your ability to speak theologically into your discipline.

Becoming a Gospel Diagnostician – In this module we shall explore how to diagnose the quality of the soil in your chosen field. We will learn to recognize both those features of the university that offer resistance and receptivity to the gospel.

Theological Reasoning – Integrating Christianity with our disciplines begins with an exploration of the relationship between theological truths and non-theological areas of inquiry. The focus of this module is the coordination of various academic problems to the corresponding theological loci, and the consideration of the theological implications of certain non-theological discourses.


Cost: $1200 (includes all expenses except transportation)

Room and Board will be provided on the Yale University Campus

What if I do not think I can afford the Seminar?

We are committed to making it possible for each applicant who is accepted to attend the seminar. Upon your acceptance, we will provide a practical strategy to help you develop the funds necessary to participate this summer. We look forward to helping you raise the financial and prayer support necessary for a successful summer!

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